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Improve Air Quality at Home or Business

At Affordable Air & Heat, we employ modern and advanced technology to improve the indoor air quality of residents and business owners across the state of Florida. The humidity and heat can produce potentially toxic air, and because of this, we take the time to invest in secure indoor air quality equipment and systems for our customers in the region.

How we Test your Residential & Commercial Indoor Air Quality Systems

Our professionals at Affordable Air & Heat understand the importance of keeping the air quality in your home, apartment, or business building in Cape Coral, FL clean and healthy. Ventilation systems are designed to not only move the flow of air through a building but to filter harmful emissions and transport the diluted pollutants outside as well. Without a secure air quality system inside of these infrastructures, the risk of gases and particles being released into the air supply is increased and has the potential to create a harmful living environment for residents.

To achieve this and promote a safe, comfortable lifestyle for residents across Florida and in Cape Coral, we offer services to test the quality of the air with various equipment and tools, as well as upgrade the systems if itís required. We test indoor air quality through different tests and inspection procedures such as:

  • Inspecting the air ducts in the home
  • Checking the ventilation system

Energy Audit

In addition to testing the quality of these air systems in homes and commercial buildings, we also upgrade these systems and install carbon monoxide alarms if needed. This is especially useful for customers looking to remodel their homes, as upgrading the air quality systems at the same time will promote a healthier living space and reduce the risk of the air being contaminated or unsafe.

Upgrading Air Quality Systems for Indoor Facilities

Before any upgrades are made to an indoor air quality system, our technicians at Affordable Air & Heat are trained and fully certified to conduct thorough assessments of the home or apartment complex. When we install new systems and upgrade outdated ones, we make sure that the transition is seamless, perfectly integrating with the existing system while ensuring that there is no risk of problems arising.

The systems we install are notable for being eco-friendly and minimally invasive while offering various benefits for customers in the community, including:

  • Reducing the likelihood of asthma attacks
  • Preventing mold growth by controlling the moisture in the air
  • Protecting the environment
  • Low utility costs
  • Improves safety & meets standard regulations

Call Affordable Air & Heat to Test The Quality of the Air in Your Home Today

At Affordable Air & Heat, we strive to offer convenient services and solutions for all of our customerís needs. If youíre living in the Florida area near Cape Coral and need the ventilation and air quality systems in your home to be inspected, tested, or upgraded, donít hesitate to contact us today for assistance. We look forward to working with you and providing you with services that are affordable and safe.

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