Emergency Services in Cape Coral, FL, and Nearby Areas

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Emergency Service 24/7

HVAC Emergency Service 24/7

We offer 24/7 emergency services in Cape Coral, FL, and the nearby areas to help fix immediate problems with air conditioning units in homes and ensure that the costs and property damage are kept as low as possible.

Emergency AC System Repairs with Affordable Air & Heat

Our emergency repair services extend beyond just fixing air conditioning systems. In addition, we also fix various types of AC and heating equipment and systems in homes, including:

  • Ductless Mini Split Systems
  • Electric Heat
  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Heating Pumps

Our technicians are trained and fully qualified to perform the needed repairs safely and without risk to your residence or apartment complex. If new installations are required, we are equipped with the tools needed to conduct this work quickly and create as little downtime for you as possible.

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The Technology of the Air Conditioning System

With technology advancing, air conditioning units are installed with new features and technological components. The older a system becomes, the more outdated the technology becomes as well, and this can lead to malfunctions in the system. Fixing components within an AC unit is an easy task for our professionals.

AC Maintenance

The Age of the Air Conditioner

The average lifespan of an AC unit is around 12 years old, and because of this, the risks of problems occurring increase over time. If the system hasnít been checked or replaced in recent years, this can be a strong indicator of needing work done on the system. The age of the system can also result in more emergency problems that need attention right away to avoid property damage. If the unit is too old to be repaired or it would be better to replace it, we will openly communicate this with our customers so that the right solution is recommended and we can help avoid problems from happening later on.

After we perform the needed repairs and mitigate the damage from the accident, we recommend investing in regular checkups and maintenance on your air conditioners. This way, we can help guarantee that future accidents wonít occur while keeping a watchful eye over the condition of your AC unit. Call Affordable Air & Heat not just for emergency situations, but for periodic maintenance and inspections of your A/C system in Cape Coral. FL.

Service You Can Trust!

At Affordable Air & Heat, we are committed to our customersí satisfaction, which is why we offer emergency HVAC services to our customers in Cape Coral, FL and the surrounding areas.

Call Affordable Air & Heat for All of Your AC Emergency Situations

When accidents with your air conditioner happen, itís important to reach out to our professionals to assist you. We will be happy to perform these services for you and ensure that your Florida home remains cool and comfortable all year round. No matter what time of the day or week that you call, our courteous and professional staff will be ready to assist you.

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